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  Das Boot engages in occasional select print publications. It was an on-line publication that between 1998 and 2006 featured the works of dozens of writers, poets, painters, sculptors and other artists, along with architects, designers and photographers.






aardv architecture 02/02
ertugrul atez 12/98
hlynur atlason 06/02
avec 11/00
laurent elie badessi 10/00
doug bergert 10/02
annika berglof 08/99
gregory beylerian 02/02
theo bleckman-sverrisson 10/02
marie-louise broggi 04/01
kathleen brooks 02/02
carlini valle 06/00
judy choi 04/99
design laboratories 04/01
eric cobb 02/02
eric cobb 11/98
veretta cobler 11/99
daryl curry 08/99
risd door studio 08/99
risd streetscapes 08/03
ásgeir smári einarsson 02/99
katrín elvarsdóttir 08/01
Bradford Elliott 10/05
einar örn gunnarsson 10/98
guðmundur gunnarsson 04/99
michael graves 02/99
christina hale 06/02
philip herter 04/01
thorri hringsson 12/99
aðalsteinn ingólfsson 12/02
sonia jacobsen 03/99
bo jacobson 07/99
angelina jolin 05/99
melisca klisanin 07/99
katia lafitte 08/01
francine leclercq 03/99
böðvar leós 12/99
andrea lockett 01/99
agusto murillo 06/02
herve nahon 04/00
rita catinella orrell 08/06
josh owen 01/00
david provan 10/99
alejo ruocco 04/01
shop architects 09/99
hulda stefansdottir 06/02
Pjetur Stefansson 10/05
Simone Stoll 08/06
skuli sverrisson 07/99
soltani-leclercq 12/00
ali soltani 06/99
ali soltani 09/98
studio sumo 05/99
kristinn thorisson 12/02
harvey tulcensky 03/00
antoine verglas 05/00
vogels theater column 01/03-
elfin vogel 02/00
laetitia wolff 03/99
rose marie woulfe 01/99



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Ertugrul Ates, December 1998, Oil paintings. Annika Berglöf, August 1999, Paintings. Elena Carlini and Pietro Valle, June-July 2000, Architecture. Judy Choi, April 1999, Paintings. Eric Cobb, November 1998, Architecture. Veretta Cobler, November 1999, Photographs. Darryl Curry, August 1999, New York playwright and composer. Ásgeir Smári Einarsson, February 1999, Paintings. Einar Orn Gunnarsson, October 1998, Writer/playwright. Guðmundur Gunnarsson, April 1999, Architecture: The icelandic turf house. Michael Havely Graves, February 1999, Furniture design. Thorri Hringsson, December 1999, Oil Paintings. Sonia Jacobsen, March 1999, Composer. Bo Jacobsson, July 1999, Sculptor and welder. Angelina Jolin, May 1999, Fashion image designer. Melisca Klisanin, July 1999, Rugs. Francine Leclercq, March 1999, Paintings. Bodvar Leos, December 1999, Artist/Illustrator. Andrea M. Lockett, January 1999, Poetry. Hervé Nahon, April 2000, Ephemeral Sculpture. Josh Owen, January 2000, Industrial Design. David Provan, October 1999, Sculpture and Furniture. RISD Door Studio, August 2000, Industrial Design Studio. Ali Soltani, September 1998, Poem. Ali Soltani, June 1999, Vanilla, essay. SHoP, September 1999, Architecture. Skúli Sverrisson, July 1999, Musician/composer. studioSUMO, May 1999, Project wall-eye. Harvey Tulcensky, March 2000, photographs. Antoine Verglas, May 2000, Photographer. Elfin Vogel, February 2000, Director. Laetitia Wolff, March 1999, Writer "The Music of Sonia Jacobsen". Rose Marie Woulfe, January 1999, Clothing design. Laurent Elie Badessi photographer, October-November 2000  Marie-Louise Broggi, Alejo Ruocco, Philip Herter, Design Laboratories, Karen Frome and David Ruff, Adalsteinn Ingolfsson, Icelandic art critic and curator. Doug Bergert architect. Theo Bleckman. Kristinn Thorisson: Who's afraid of robots?